The Perfect Web Design Choice
At Affarei, we understand branding and how to develop means to further your company’s goals. In an effort to assist you with the development of your website , we have tailored an intuitive five-step process to help understand how you think and how we design.
Marketing and Advertising Done the Affarei Way
Affarei understands online advertising. Whether it is Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, or Email Marketing, Affarei can help you form the perfect online marketing initiatives using the latest techniques and strategies.
Calculated and Advanced Lead Generation
High quality and ripe leads are key to the efficient use of your resources. Affarei's advanced lead generation and advanced lead harvesting focuses on quality versus quantity, which ultimately saves your sales team's time and ultimately resources.

AFFAREi Initiatives

Small Business

Solutions Tailored for Small Businesses and Startups

Public Benefit

Solutions Tailored for Nonprofits, Government, and Education


Affarei’s Privacy by Design and Privacy Partner Services

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, and Lead Generation. Yup, That's Full Service

Whether it is website design, logo design, search engine optimization, marketing, or lead generation, Affarei will help you bring your ideas to life, and help you efficiently build your brand.

What about Established Brands?

If you have already branded your company and are simply looking for a facelift through a major rebranding or a simple website redesign , Affarei is the right choice for your company. We believe that no two companies are alike, and we will tailor a package specifically for you, so that you will have the logo that your company deserves, the presentation template that your company needs, and the marketing and advertising that furthers your company’s goals.

We also offer assitance with business development in advanced lead generation services.


As The Flash Fades

As a web designer my job is to present content on the internet that is both appealing and effective. Over the past few years the latter has been a two horse race, Flash by Adobe and the open source HTML5. Both have their benefits and drawbacks but much like the battle of Blu Ray versus HD DVD the outcome looks to be decided not by the consumers but by the providers.

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