AFFAREi's Portfolio

Our Portfolio Boasts Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Online Marketing, and Lead Generation Clients

We provide high quality services to our clients and build on the concepts of not only a client-centered approach but we add our insights and consult with our clients to ensure that the work we perform on behalf of our clients, adequately works towards their goals. We represent businesses, organizations, government, education, and the people.

Affarei Services for Industry-Businesses, Organizations, Government, & Education

We seek to add you to our portfolio and assist you in developing your brand into the preeminent brand in your field, industry, or area of expertise. Our value-based packages are perfect for organizations of all sizes and for all purposes.

Affarei for [we] the People

At Affarei, we understand that consumers occasionally have design and marketing needs. As a result, we offer value-based packages focused on providing consumers with design solutions.

We offer expertise in designing invitations, flyers, personalized stationary, apparel, and anything else that you can dream up.


As The Flash Fades

As a web designer my job is to present content on the internet that is both appealing and effective. Over the past few years the latter has been a two horse race, Flash by Adobe and the open source HTML5. Both have their benefits and drawbacks but much like the battle of Blu Ray versus HD DVD the outcome looks to be decided not by the consumers but by the providers.

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