Red Metric, APC

We formed a Comprehensive Design Package for California Law Firm, Red Metric, APC

Red Metric, APC (, is a California business and criminal defense law firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Red Metric's approached us asking us to brand its emerging image, and along with its diverse legal practice areas, untraditional name, Red Metric wanted a persona that could carry both its business and criminal defense practices, while allowing for expansion and the addition of practice areas. Our design team worked closely with Red Metric’s leadership and put together a cost-effective package including a custom logo, custom website, business cards, letterhead, and stationary. Red Metric's leadership also asked us to take control of their hosting, email management, and social media marketing post-launch.

Logo Design for Red Metric, APC by AFFAREi, Inc.

Logo design is always the first step, simply because it is the backbone of an entity’s image. For Red Metric, we considered their likes/dislikes, and we focused on their potential client base. After determining what Red Metric’s broad goals were, our Graphic Designers compiled a rough set of logos and worked through our four-step process.

What we came up with was a combination of the letters “R” & “M” with a clear expression of the phrase “Red Metric” concluding the logo. Red Metric was concerned that the logo failed to convey that they were a law firm and also insisted that an indication of its status was fundamental. As a result, we added the designation “APC” to the peak of the “M,” which designates "A Professional Corporation." Designing a Custom Website with Search Engine Optimization for Detail Oriented Lawyers was Seamless

A fully custom website with search engine optimization is the most intensive design and marketing web solutions that we offer. Our first step when dealing with Red Metric’s lawyers was to tease out their goals and determine what features of a website were fundamental to a legal practice. Red Metric listed the traditional features and pages.

Design and functionality was not the only consideration for Red Metric's leadership team. As a new law firm, they needed intensive marketing. We explained the process of search engine optimization (SEO), but made it clear that a website with the best SEO is not effective without the addition of frequent new content and the use of social media. Red Metric chose to employ us on a month-to-month maintenance plan to address these things.

Website Design for Red Metric, APC by AFFAREi, Inc.

Business Media for Red Metric, APC

Red Metric’s Business Media, including Business Cards, Letterhead, and Presentation Templates concluded the Package that we prepared.

When we first consulted with Red Metric's leadership, they emphasized the development of their business cards, letter, and presentation templates. As a law firm, Red Metric stressed that a tremendous amount of their communications are with clients and opposing counsel via email, letterhead, and sometimes through presentations.

We compiled a general business scheme that carried it through their website, business cards, letterhead, and presentation templates.

Business Card Design for Red Metric, APC by AFFAREi, Inc.
Business Card Design for a Law Firm

Red Metric’s business cards were the most difficult to design, they chose to implement a two-sided card, one side offering the traditional information that business cards do, name, title, address, logo, etc., but the second side of the card was to compliment Red Metric’s theme.

Red Metric asked that we proceed with the utilizing our discounted printing through our vendor and Red Metric chose a matte finish for both sides of the card.

Letterhead Design for a Law Firm

Red Metric’s letterhead was a two-fold task because Red Metric required letterhead for distinct purposes. The first letterhead was to be a general letterhead geared towards potential clients and for promotional materials; and the second letterhead differed because it was more formal and geared to clients and business personnel.

Letterhead Design for Red Metric, APC by AFFAREi, Inc.
Presentation Template Design for a Law Firm

Red Metric’s lawyers insisted that they needed both presentation templates for the leading document processing software and presentation software. We compiled templates for both types of software, ensuring that each template agreed with Red Metric’s general theme.


As The Flash Fades

As a web designer my job is to present content on the internet that is both appealing and effective. Over the past few years the latter has been a two horse race, Flash by Adobe and the open source HTML5. Both have their benefits and drawbacks but much like the battle of Blu Ray versus HD DVD the outcome looks to be decided not by the consumers but by the providers.

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