Weddings and Dreams

Small Business Initiative Client & Dress and Formalwear Shop Revamped Their Website to Implement Additional Marketing.

Weddings and Dreams (, is a Fremont California based dress and formalwear shop. Weddings and Dreams chose Affarei pursuant to our Small Business Initiative, in which we offered custom website design and search engine optimization (SEO).

Weddings and Dreams was started by a husband and wife whom love running their own business. Weddings and Dreams is the perfect source for formalwear for any occasion, including accessories, shoes, or simply ideas. Weddings and Dreams, a Revamped Website that Works for Itself

Weddings and Dreams had a functional, appealing, yet dated website prior to hiring us. Their old website was old-fashioned, appeared template-based, and did not have any search engine optimization. Plainly, a beautifully designed website is useless if nobody sees it. As a result of this understanding, Wedding and Dreams chose us to build a custom website and the leading search engine optimization.

Website Redesign for Weddings and Dreams by AFFAREi, Inc.
Search Engine Optimization Weddings and Dreams Markets itself to Fremont, California

During our Client Consultation with the Weddings and Dreams team, we explained that search engine optimization (SEO), can be a black hole of money if not done correctly and if the proper search terms are not properly placed in a website's content and metadata. It is with that understanding that we go about optimizing webpages, and that is the explanation we gave to the Weddings and Dreams team. After completing a substantive analysis of Weddings and Dreams' market, we concluded that a search engine optimization initiative would be helpful. Therefore, we wrote all content for the website and integrated search engine optimization into the website's metadata and content.


As The Flash Fades

As a web designer my job is to present content on the internet that is both appealing and effective. Over the past few years the latter has been a two horse race, Flash by Adobe and the open source HTML5. Both have their benefits and drawbacks but much like the battle of Blu Ray versus HD DVD the outcome looks to be decided not by the consumers but by the providers.

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