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Redesigning a Website Geared to Consumers is No Easy Task

We redesigned private personal training studio, DefineIt’s website with local search engine optimization. When we first met with Shari Gower, DefineIt’s owner, we discussed how important her website was to increasing her client-base. Being a private personal training studio, her clientele were a unique set of individuals seeking the untraditional gym environment. As a result, we had to make sure that we provided her with a beautiful website and the most focused search engine optimization, since her business is located in a specific community. Shari also wanted a site that was easily changed, so she elected to have a WordPress website versus a traditional HTML5 website.

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Website Redesign: Website Design for Local Small Businesses

When thinking about designing a website for a local small business, we focus heavily on the owner and his or her specific appealing attributes. In DefineIt’s case, Shari wanted a website with a black background and her primary color scheme of green and purple. Initially, we designed a website that incorporate the green and purple, but not the black. When we first presented the initial draft to Shari she was happy with the overall structure and scheme, but wanted us to implement the black. When we did, the website completely popped and gave Shari the “wow” factor she was looking for.

Shari also had a personal WordPress expert available for future updates, so we happily compiled a website using WordPress as the primary type of code.

Search Engine Optimization for Small Local Businesses

Shari indicated that she was in the process of growing and she asked what we could do to help. We offered Shari an SEO package geared towards her local community. By implementing search engine optimized meta-data with the local cities package, Shari directed her website specifically to her target clientele. Shortly after launching her site, DefineIt ranked on page one in a number of searches for her services. Shari claims to already experience an influx of clients from her newly designed website.


As The Flash Fades

As a web designer my job is to present content on the internet that is both appealing and effective. Over the past few years the latter has been a two horse race, Flash by Adobe and the open source HTML5. Both have their benefits and drawbacks but much like the battle of Blu Ray versus HD DVD the outcome looks to be decided not by the consumers but by the providers.

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