P.C. Express Delivery, Inc.


We Affarei’ed Local Delivery and Trucking Company, P.C. Express Delivery’s Website with a Comprehensive Redesign and SEO Package

When P.C. Express (“PCX”) called, we answered with a comprehensive package, including website redesign, business card design, logo design, flyer design, company uniform design, search engine optimization, and content development, so that PCX’s clients and potential clients recognize their high level of service and dedication to ensuring prompt and efficient logistics services.

PCX prides itself on providing predictable and reliable trucking solutions to businesses of all sizes, and all they asked is that we tailor a website that highlights PCX’s strengths, cornerstones, and personal service.

PCX is a growing business but still qualified for our discounted pricing under our Small Business Initiative.

website redesign, cheap website design, San Francisco bay area, p.c. express

PCX’s sales team contacted us with a need. Plainly, the PCX team conveyed that they needed the tools to more effectively reach out to their potential clients. Specifically, they wanted a new website the conveyed the sense of professionalism associated with their brand and wanted the marketing collateral that backed up their professionalism.

The first step to fulfilling PCX’s sales teams’ requests included a custom and revamped website. PCX’s decision makers were easy to please as they simply showed us exactly what they wanted by talking to our team frequently and remained involved in the process. The end-product ended up being a website that explicitly addressed the company’s cornerstones. The website also utilized a color scheme prominent in their logo.

PCX's new website is responsive and viewable on all of the leading platforms and many devices.

A New Logo for a New Image

Albeit it be untraditional for a company to use two logos, PCX’s growth and expansion into a new division called for a new identity. The need for a large scale trucking division gave birth to PCX's Blue Arrow Trucking Company.

Blue Arrow’s new logo included a hybrid stylized word and icon, which implements the theme of speed and what the company does as a whole.

website redesign, cheap website design, San Francisco bay area, p.c. express
website redesign, cheap website design, San Francisco bay area, p.c. express
A New Uniform to Round it off

At Affarei, we believe that uniformity amongst all of our clients marketing, business, and other materials is the ultimate combination of effects that creates and assures professionalism. As a result, when PCX asked us to design their company uniforms, we were excited.

Don’t get too excited, we aren’t a fashion company, but we did design a new set of t-shirts and polo-shirts for PCX’s drivers.

Marketing: Where does it Begin? – Business Card Design

PCX's Blue Arrow division required business cards that were memorable but comprehensive. As a result, we designed a simple business card that tied in the new logo and used the theme staged in the company’s new website.

website redesign, cheap website design, San Francisco bay area, p.c. express
website redesign, cheap website design, San Francisco bay area, p.c. express
Flyer Design: This is How we Do…

PCX’s sales team took charge of the projects we completed for the company.

The amazing thing about technology paired with design skill, is that just about anything can be brought to life digitally.

Nonetheless, as with and in addition to the company’s business cards, PCX’s team required a flyer to hand out to potential customers. We took charge of the project by producing a simply flyer using some of the prominent traits of the company’s new website.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Development

When we had our Client Consultation with PCX’s team, they asked if they really needed search engine optimization. We replied with the same response we always do, “What use is a beautifully designed website that cannot be found online?” We needed to say nothing else.

We took charge of development of all the content on PCX’s website and marketing collateral.


As The Flash Fades

As a web designer my job is to present content on the internet that is both appealing and effective. Over the past few years the latter has been a two horse race, Flash by Adobe and the open source HTML5. Both have their benefits and drawbacks but much like the battle of Blu Ray versus HD DVD the outcome looks to be decided not by the consumers but by the providers.

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